The use of scissor lifts is extensive in the spaces where workers need to reach elevated spaces. The construction workers or contractors working in places with higher ceilings like hospitals, malls, and warehouses. Warehouses need this machine for electrical work, painting, and maintenance. And like every other machinery, proper lift and maintenance are always required for enhanced safety and performance. And with the help of professionals, you can get expert tips on a scissor lift and cherry picker repairs and maintenance.

Basic requirements for scissor lift maintenance

Structural stability is extremely crucial if you’re working on any extended scissor lift. And following a defined maintenance schedule based on the operator’s manual will help you ensure that all the safety guidelines are met. Following here are some of the requisites for the maintenance of scissor lifts.

A detailed maintenance plan

First and foremost, you should appoint a qualified professional to prepare a well-laid-out maintenance plan to be followed by the workers at the site. This plan must include comprehensive information on maintenance requirements, schedule, and specifications of the machine. Also, there should be a checklist for regular inspection and the records derived from the same should be documented and reviewed in case of any accident or equipment breakdown.

A set of checklists

During a scheduled maintenance session, the scissor lifts will be thoroughly undertaken through several safety checks. And this will help in identifying the loose components or any malfunctioning which might cause any issue with the machine’s normal functioning. Below is a holistic maintenance checklist to make sure every single component of the machine is thoroughly inspected.

Structural maintenance list: 

  • The work platform and guardrails are being checked to detect any signs of wear and tear.
  • The hydraulic fittings are being inspected to identify any leaks or cracks.
  • Also, different other parts of the machine, such as the frame, cylinders, scissor arms, steering components etc., are being inspected thoroughly.

Operational maintenance list:

  • All the safety mechanisms are inspected, including fall arrest systems and safety harnesses.
  • The steering controls, brakes and tyres are also checked.
  • Emergency controls, including lights, horns, and motion alarms, are also inspected thoroughly.
  • Battery inspections and checking of fluids, hoses, belts, etc., are also done.

Work zone checklist:

  • This will include unstable surfaces, bumps and slopes, low-hanging electric cables, blind spots, overhead obstructions, etc.

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