A cherry picker is a hydraulic lifting device that helps workers for tasks like construction or maintenance. Operating this device is a difficult task. Whether the job is to maintain streetlights, perform building maintenance, or pruning trees, you have to adhere to safety measures. Hence, it’s important to have a well-structured cherry picker inspection checklist. With these measures, you guarantee an efficient working environment.

Safety Protocols to Consider While Operating a Cherry Picker

Being the operator, you must have the right skills and knowledge. It’s advisable to be fully aware of the health and safety regulations to minimise risks for everyone working on-site.

You should follow this comprehensive cherry picker checklist to ensure a secure working environment:

  • Pre-operation inspection: Initially, you have to evaluate the overall condition of the machine. Determine whether your selected work environment is safe for use. Pre-operation checks include several elements like function &  visual inspection, ground stability check, and work area
  • Training and certifications: When you are hiring an expert who performs cherry picker repair work, make sure to check their certifications. Ask the operators whether they are trained to use these machines and possess the latest knowledge of safety guidelines or accessory features.
  • Weather conditions: You must scrutinise the weather forecasts before performing the cherry picker repair work. Avoid operating the machine during storms, high winds, or adverse weather conditions. You have to be cautious of slippery surfaces caused by snow, rain, or ice.
  • Safety procedures: The professionals must conform to the right safety procedures while working from heights. It’s necessary for them to wear the perfect Personal Fall Protective Equipment (PFPE) and a safety harness. These accessories include gloves, helmets, and safety shoes.

A safety harness will protect you from unexpected incidents. Ensure that the components are correctly fitted and securely attached to the anchorage point. Besides this aspect, you should maintain the ideal weight limits and operate the device at a certain speed. Maintain open communication with ground workers through hand signals or radios and stay vigilant of the surroundings.

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