Workers and supplies are raised on a platform using an aerial lift called a scissor lift. Scissor lifts are either hydraulically or electrically propelled, extending upward and downward like an accordion. They are useful for tasks like maintaining signs, cleaning windows, and removing or stacking inventory from warehouses.

How to operate a Scissor Lift

Adopt Safety Measures

It’s critical to be aware of safety procedures to use and to keep an eye out for any dangers.

Falls pose a particular risk, thus scissor lifts are outfitted with a barrier that is accessible through a safety gate. It’s crucial to have one foot and two hands on the ladder railings while boarding a scissor lift to maintain all three points of contact.

As soon as you step onto the platform, close the securing gate behind you. Stay rooted to the ground and refrain from bending over the platform.

Perform a Scissor Lift Security Inspection

It’s crucial to perform a safety examination before using a scissor lift. Make sure the equipment is suitable for your task site by inspecting both the machine and lift components. 

Verify that both levels’ controls are operating correctly. It’s crucial to confirm that all operating switches, including the stop button, are operational and perform as intended in the instance of an emergency.

Activate the scissor lift

Make sure you’re using your scissor lift on a flat area, away from obstacles like slopes, dirt, or holes. This is crucial because the lift must be secure when elevated to prevent tipping.

At either ground level or platform levels, depress the emergency stop buttons. Then swap the controls to the platform, activate the controls, and climb up to the gate. Place your foot securely on the platform and shut the gate behind you.

Set the Scissor Lift in Place

Once on the platform, turn the operational button to drive mode and use the joystick to place the lift in the desired location. To achieve this, push the joystick upward to drive ahead or pull backward to move backward. To turn left or right, press the left or right steer buttons on top of the joystick, respectively.

Adjust the Platform’s Height

After installing the lift, set the operational button to the desired lift or height setting and pull down the joystick to adjust the height. Be sure to look up to see if there are any obstructions above you. Pay attention to lowered ceilings, extensions, branches from trees, and utility wires. Additionally, choose workplaces that are not less than 10 feet away from sources of electricity and power lines.

Shut down the scissor lift

Once you have finished operating the scissor lift, start the shutdown procedure by making sure the platform has been lowered down to the ground and checking that the emergency stop functions on the platform as well as base controls. Following that, shut down the device and refuel or replenish the battery.

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