From repairing buildings to picking high-reaching fruits, the use of cherry picker equipment is myriad. It is regarded as the ideal choice for a variety of applications at height. While most of these activities are done outdoors, the machinery can also be suitable for indoor applications.


Use a Well Maintained Cherry Picker

A cherry picker generally works on electric, battery or fossil fuel. Being a mean machine, it needs proper maintenance and care. By checking its condition from your nearby cherry picker repairs, you can seamlessly operate the equipment for various indoor activities.

Various Indoor Uses of Cherry Pickers

Here are a few indoor applications where mechanical cherry pickers can act as a saviour.


  • Building Maintenance: The ultimate purpose of using a cherry picker is to help workers reach the required height and perform work smoothly. This is an important criterion for building maintenance work. Whether you need to fix the leaky pipes, look after the HVAC system or clean the ceiling, a cherry picker can be a suitable choice. Along with residential properties, it can also be suitable for cleaning industrial facilities and offices.


  • Shop Fitting and Visual Merchandising: Retail outlets require lighting during a shop fit-out or refurbishment. This is a vital area where a cherry picker can be the most suitable machinery. You can use it to place cabinetry, signage and visual marketing displays. It is also perfect for stocktaking, where you might need to store excess goods high up on the shelves.


  • Warehouse Storage: When you see the structure of a typical warehouse, you will find multiple racks. These are vital for storing goods and are generally 12 to 16 feet high. With the help of a cherry picker, you can reach higher racks at narrow aisles. The basket-like structure in the front helps keep multiple items, so you can pick up multiple orders simultaneously.


  • Interior Renovation and Construction: If you feel like your home interiors need a much-needed makeover, a cherry picker can come to your help. It is particularly helpful for classical-themed properties with higher ceilings. The workers can reach the height efficiently and perform their work for renovating the property.


These are a few ways to use a cherry picker for indoor work requirements. If you need to collaborate with a professional source, contact JB Powered Access Ltd. Our company is well known among a wide range of clients for cherry picker repairs. No matter the model or brand of your access platform, we can provide proper maintenance and repair assistance. For more information, you can contact us or visit our website.