Standard access platforms, also known as cherry pickers, are one of the vital components in any industry. It helps you reach higher and perform your work smoothly. However, at the end of the day, they are mean machines. The components need as much attention and care as other mechanical installations.


Take Proper Care of Your Cherry Picker


 To ensure the safe operation of your cherry picker, you must take good care. Being the owner, you must employ enough time to check the condition of the platform at least once in six months. This is an important maintenance routine that ensures safety in picking up loaded, bulky materials.


Signs that Your Cherry Picker Needs a Repair


No matter the type of access platform you have, if you spot any inconvenience, do not be late in taking it for repair. A cherry picker shows you some definitive signs of damage. Upon noticing these, you must rush to your nearby cherry picker repairs. More about the signs of damage are discussed below.


  • Broken or Loose Parts: It is natural damage that can be caused due to wear and tear. It especially happens to cranes and access platforms that have been used for some time. The cherry picker’s overall performance may be affected if the issue is left unchecked. To look for these attritions, you must thoroughly check the small and large parts of the equipment.


  • Leaking Parts: Being hydraulic-operated equipment, cranes and access platforms have areas from which fuel tends to leak. You may spot these leaks in hoses, engines and cylinders. Mending these leaks is a crucial requirement, as they can grow into other serious safety-related problems. Whatever the reason for the leaks, you should not be late in getting it treated by a repair professional.


  • Cracked Parts: It is another telltale sign to get your cherry picker checked by a professional repairer. Cracking, stretching, and warping are prominent signs of something wrong with your component. As the owner, you must take cognisance of the matter and get it repaired immediately. Ignoring the problem for long may affect the safety and integrity of operating the cherry picker.


These are a few signs that tell you to take your cherry picker for repair. To get an expert’s attention, you must contact a reliable source like JB Powered Access Ltd. Our company is one of the most prominent cherry picker repairs in the UK. No matter what problem you face with your access platforms, we can provide a proper solution. For more information, you can visit our website.