Cherry pickers are an ideal tool for outdoor activities like signwriting, fruit picking, etc.; however, you can also hire cherry pickers for indoor applications. A battery-powered cherry picker is a versatile, easy-to-operate option that provides a safe lifting solution for outdoor and indoor needs. To ensure the safety of operations, you need to maintain its condition. Hire professionals for scissor lifts and cherry picker repairs in Leeds if you want to hire the same for indoor applications.

Here are a few indoor applications where you can use cherry pickers conveniently.

Four indoor activities where you can conveniently use cherry pickers

1. Storing products in the warehouse
Warehouses generally have racks as high as 15 to 16 feet where goods need to be picked and stored. With a cherry picker, it is easy to reach the heights and store and arrange products on the racks of the warehouse. If you need to store items in a narrow aisle, cherry pickers are unquestionably one of the best options.

2. Building maintenance works
A cherry picker is a more convenient and safe option than ladders for workers engaged in building maintenance work. The workers can work on a cherry picker with all their tools and equipment and easily fix all building maintenance works. It is also a more stable option compared to a ladder and is an ideal tool for maintenance work in factories, warehouses, sports facilities, and shopping malls.

3. Visual merchandising and stock-keeping
Hiring cherry pickers is the best option for new shop fittings, visual merchandising, and shop refurbishments. For visual merchandise arrangement, it is necessary to safely stock all the goods in the racks. With the help of cherry pickers, the retail workers can easily arrange and stock the products in the retail shops.

4. Renovation and installation
Cherry pickers are also used for renovation and installation works within residential premises. From installing support beams, fixing electrical wiring, painting and plastering services to renovating the property, you can do it all with the help of cherry pickers. Larger lifts require more space. However, a cherry picker can reach the same heights and even the narrow corners of the building without any issues.

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