Adhering to different rules and regulations is always necessary to ensure workplace safety. The LOLER or Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations are established to develop a safer workplace for employees, employers, and contractors dealing with lifting equipment. And lifting equipment refers to all the equipment used for lowering and lifting loads, including the various items used for anchoring and fixing. Hence, it is relevant to all industries dealing with such equipment. Here in this blog, we will focus on the importance of LOLER inspection in York.

Why should an organisation adhere to LOLER?

Organisations have a basic duty of ensuring that all the lifting equipment is appropriate for the specific tasks and safety-assured. They should also be efficient enough to conduct thorough inspections regularly. As there is a variety of lifting equipment, it often becomes difficult to remember them while dealing with many appliances and tools. However, with a proper LOLER inspection, things can be easier for you to manage everything.

How often should you opt for a LOLER inspection?

LOLER requires a competent individual to examine the lifting equipment thoroughly:

  • Before being used for the first time
  • Within twelve months of the last examination
  • When it is re-fitted or removed to the original chassis
  • After an essential component is replaced or repaired

What does the LOLER inspection process involve?

A detailed examination of all the lifting equipment of an organisation is carried out by a qualified person in the LOLER inspection process. It is being conducted while adhering to the LOLER Schedule 1 and must include all the information required by LOLER ACOP.

The key takeaway

A LOLER inspection must always be conducted by an efficient individual with years of suitable theoretical and practical knowledge of lifting equipment so that he can complete the inspection process and find out their weaknesses and defects. And he should always be impartial to offer an unbiased and subjective review of the equipment. This is why it’s recommended to hire an external contractor to perform the job.

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