While working at heights, you need the help of scissor lifts and access platforms. These are vital machinery that helps you reach obscure heights and perform various works. Businesses in the construction and maintenance sector use these electrical lifts in their day-to-day tasks.

Importance of Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is meant for frequent usage. While using it, you must go for regular maintenance routines. It is made up of several components. If those remain in good shape, the lift can operate to its total capacity. You can always head to a scissor lift and cherry picker repair near you if you find something wrong during the inspection.

Inspections to Perform on Your Scissor Lift

To perform preventive maintenance on your scissor lift and access platforms, follow the following instructions.


  • Pre-Start Inspections 

     An inspection routine you must perform before starting the machine. This allows you to learn about any problems and fix them immediately. It is advisable to perform this inspection daily. Look for visible leakage and dents, and check the machine placards and decals. Additionally, ensure to maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid.


  • Battery Maintenance:

    A scissor lift’s battery is vital equipment you should check from time to time. If not maintained properly, the battery life will degrade gradually. This, in turn, will affect the function of the scissor lift. Ensure that it charges appropriately, and clear the battery banks by removing dirt and debris. Also, run an amp draw test to maintain battery health.


  • Operational Checks:

    This is a part of the OSHA General Maintenance Checklist. By ticking off all the requirements in this checklist, you can remain assured of keeping up the good health of your scissor lift. Check the fluid levels of your ride, including the oil and coolants. You should also take a look at the tyres, steering and brakes.


  • Structural Inspection:

    Apart from the machinery, you must thoroughly scan your lift’s interior and exterior surfaces. The structural flaws may also hinder you from getting a safety certificate. Remember to check vital areas like electric, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


By performing these checks, you can find out if anything is wrong with your machinery. For repairs, you can come to JB Powered Access Ltd. We are one of the leading scissor lift and cherry picker repairs. Our professionals can look into your equipment’s issues and provide a permanent solution. For more details, you can visit our website.