Scissor lifts are a vital piece of machinery, especially when working at heights. It is very helpful in multiple work sectors around different industries. For certain work, a scissor lift is much more cost-efficient and reliable than scaffolding.


Need for Scissor Lift Maintenance


 Being a mean machine, a scissor lift comprises several mechanical components. No matter which kind of scissor lift you possess, you must maintain its condition occasionally. It is important to keep your scissor lift in perfect shape for quality performance and longevity.


Scissor Lift Repair Checklist to Follow

Before reaching a professional source for scissor lift maintenance, you must learn about its maintenance requirements. We discuss more about them in the following section.


Create a Maintenance Plan

It is an important requirement to ensure the quality performance of the scissor lift. You should prepare a plan for maintaining the machinery, including all the guidelines directed by OSHA. You must add everything from the type of machinery to the maintenance time and other requirements. It is also important to collaborate with mechanics rated on the lift’s make and model.


Conduct Daily Inspections

Day-to-day inspection of the scissor lift is important to ensure smooth, long-lasting performance. It is a form of regular inspection that tells you about operational flaws and safety issues. Checking these is vital to avoid accidents or injuries while the lift is operational. You can also take care of the issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Keep a Maintenance Log

Whenever you go for a scissor lift maintenance to the professionals, you must keep a written record. It is an important document to help you if anything goes wrong with the machinery. You are expected to produce this document in a scissor lift accident too. You can implement maintenance software to keep an accurate log.


Do Not Miss Regular Maintenance

Though scissor lifts are not extensively used like forklifts, it is important to take them for regular maintenance. Relaxing on its maintenance can be a costly mistake. You may risk ignoring or overlooking common problems that may spiral into something serious.


These are a few important scissor lift maintenance requirements that you should definitely follow. To follow a proper maintenance schedule, you must contact a professional source like JB Powered Access Ltd. We are one of the most reliable sources for maintaining scissor lifts and other access platforms. Our team comprises professional engineers who have considerable experience in this field. For more information, you can visit our website.