The Loler inspection method, also known as lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations, was created in 1998 to ensure a safe workplace for workers who use lifting equipment. Lifting equipment describes equipment that is lowered to pick up heavy items. Proper Loler inspection can easily ensure safety and compliance at the workplace. 

Why is Loler inspection necessary?

This thorough inspection ensures that the lifting equipment is legally compliant and safe. Along with routine inspections, a Loler inspection is also a necessity. Like the vehicle’s MOT requirement, this is necessary to keep the Loler safe and operational. If you want to use the Loler in industries, you must have an updated inspection certification. 

How often should you opt for a Loler inspection?

As per the regulations, the inspection should be undertaken within six months. These inspections are completed to ensure that the lifting equipment meets the standards and is necessary for the employee’s safety. 

This inspection will be required for a single Loler every six months. Again, if the Loler has been repaired or replaced, an inspection is necessary before the operation begins. Whenever a part is removed or refitted into the Loler, it is better to get it inspected properly to ensure that the Loler is safe. 

The inspection process includes checking the condition of the accessories, like chains and slings, with the lifting machines to ensure complete safety. 

What are the obligations for carrying out Loler inspection?

During Loler inspection, you must carry out a few obligations and inspections to ensure its safety. 

Conduct your checks 

Before you hire professionals for Loler inspection, conduct a pre-check. Check the condition of the lifting equipment and make it a routine procedure to check the parts before the operation starts. This will ensure complete compliance and safety of the process. 

Comply completely with legal requirements 

You must adhere to a few legal requirements while operating a Loler in your industry. Depending on the Loler’s age, repair, replacement, and condition, weekly, monthly, and yearly inspections are obligatory. 

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