Whenever you need to buy and use heavy devices like a scissor lift or cherry pickers, it is required to go for a thorough inspection. The main goal of this inspection is to ensure the machine’s efficiency, safety and durability before you start using it at your site. Experts of Scissor lift and Cherry Picker always repairs and emphasise proper inspection to reduce the risks of accidents and damages.

What is LOLER Inspection?

A Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations or LOLER inspection checks lifting equipment thoroughly by a qualified professional to ensure safety, durability and functionality. The inspection procedure is done as defined by HSE or Health and Safety Executive. This inspection is also known as an insurance inspection which allows you to get good options while buying business liability or equipment insurances.

Why Is the Inspection Crucial?

The main aim of LOLER inspection is to ensure that lifting equipment like cherry pickers or scissor lifts are in the best condition to operate on a site. The report will also indicate potential risks and the proper ways to resolve the issues.

Pre-Use Inspection Checklist for Lifting Equipment 

Operators need to check a lot of things in lifting equipment before starting using it at their sites. This is a checklist for pre-use inspection. 

  • Documentation
  • Wheels or tyres
  • Power source or the engine
  • Cables and hoses
  • Hydraulic
  • Stabilisers
  • Scissor pack, chassis and boom
  • Platform, bucket and cage
  • Ground and platform controls
  • Emergency controls
  • Security devices
  • Travel functions
  • All switches and function controls

Why Hire Experts for Inspections and Repairs

Professional, certified and licensed experts of Scissor lift and Cherry Picker repairs understand the entire process better than anyone else. They have the right skills, experience and training to deal with different types of lifting equipment that is popular in the UK.

These experts not only inspect your lifting equipment thoroughly and suggest the necessary repairs and replacements to ensure the safety and optimal performance of the machine according to your project’s requirements.

They have vast knowledge about all the vital parts of lifting machines. Thus, they can diagnose the issue and carry out the task of repairs without wasting time.

JB Powered Access is a reliable name in the Scissor lift and Cherry Picker repairs industry. We offer fully insured services. Our service contracts last for 12 months. We can also carry out servicing as per the manufacturers and Health and Safety Specifications.

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