Are you related to any kind of industrial work requiring heights? Then, you may have spotted cherry pickers and other access platforms in the workplace. These kinds of equipment are crucial in allowing people to access greater heights without worries.



More About Cherry Pickers

Among all the mechanical access platforms, cherry pickers have their own significance. A cherry picker is an industrial lorry powered by fuel or electricity. It consists of a platform, which is technically known as a boom. A person can step on this to lift people and materials. With the help of hydraulic cylinders, one can raise or lower the platform for their use.


The Importance of Cherry Pickers

As the name suggests, cherry pickers were originally used for picking cherries from trees. Though you may find them in fruit orchards, the machinery is popular in industrial facilities. If you plan to use one for your industry, you might have some primary questions. The most important query among them may be regarding the operation of a cherry picker. We have explained them in detail in the following part of this blog.

How Does a Cherry Picker Work?


A cherry picker is known for its mechanical platform, which is attached to a stationary hydraulic lift system. This hydraulic system is the most important component of all. Without this system, it would be hard for workers to lower or raise the platform. The trailer or lorry on which the platform is mounted allows it to move from one location to another. This ensures a smoother and faster work.

Being an industrial component, a cherry picker is referred to by many names. Some of these names include:


  • Boom lift
  • Man lift
  • Hydraladder
  • Basket crane


Apart from challenging industrial tasks, a cherry picker is used in various areas. From property maintenance works to fire emergencies, you can find them in various sectors. However, no matter where it is used, one must ensure that the access platform is used by experienced personnel. They have the necessary knowledge and skill to operate these machineries properly.


Now that you know how to use a cherry picker, it will be easier to operate complex industrial work. While purchasing one, you must ensure that you contact a reliable source. In case of preventative maintenance of such crucial industrial equipment, contact JB Powered Access Ltd. We are a trusted name for checking and inspecting all kinds of access platforms. For more information, you can visit our website today.